Helping Kids

Become Life Ready!


Here’s a little about what we’re up to.

Citizen University is dedicated to helping kids become life-ready! We provide mentors with the skills to be at their best.  We also help mentors and mentees to talk about and take action on many of life’s most important challenges and opportunities.


Like mentoring relationships, solid and productive relationships with organizations are based upon trust and built over time. We recognize the importance of working with clients to understand and meet their unique needs. Beyond that, we pride ourselves in being a resource that organizations can turn to for support during all stages of the mentoring life cycle. And, our approach to staying connected with clients ensures that we are there to serve them for the long term.


Our Process


Curricula & Resources

Citizen University programs provide everything mentors and mentees need to build meaningful and productive relationships. We provide learning modules that give mentors and mentees opportunities to talk about what is going on in the young person’s life. We also provide workshops and resources to help mentors build the skills necessary to be good guides and role models.


Modules           Resources