Our Process

Phase 1 – Client Engagement

We work with our clients to:

  • Understand mentoring strategies and goals. We are eager to learn about how your mentoring program works and what goals and challenges you face.
  • Design and propose customized solutions. We use our considerable experience and resources to recommend solutions to help you be successful.
  • Contract and deliver solutions. We work with you to provide solutions that are cost effective and meet your time requirements.
  • Ensure quality and customer satisfaction. We make sure you are happy with the products and services we provide.


Phase II – Support the Mentoring Life Cycle

Mentoring relationships typically progress through four stages. Each stage provides opportunities to strengthen the relationship and create positive results for both mentor and mentee. Mentors are most effective when they understand and have the skills necessary to facilitate advancement through each stage. Citizen University provides products and services to support successful mentoring every step of the way.

Citizen University Mentoring Lifecylce

Phase III – Ongoing Support

We are interested in our clients’ long-term success. And, our approach to working with clients is not transactional, it is relationship based. We will be there to support your continued success as long as there are needs we can help with. Here are some of the ways we stay connected:

Updates on product and service offerings
Newsletters and blog postings
Monthly mentoring skills webinars
Periodic customer satisfaction surveys