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Mentoring Matters

Studies show that mentoring programs improve kids’ outcomes across behavioral, social, emotional, and academic domains, and they can help improve outcomes in several of these areas at the same time. Skilled mentors are the key to producing these sorts of outcomes in young people. The ability to facilitate strong, trust-based relationships, communicate effectively, role model good behavior, set goals and promote accountability are among the most important skills mentors can possess, and all can be developed with time and practice.

Mentoring Matters

Citizen University Curriculum GuideCitizen University Curriculum Guide

The Citizen University curriculum is structured according to three developmental and educational stages in a young person’s life:

  • Ages 7 – 10 (Elementary School)
  • Ages 11 – 14 (Middle School)
  • Ages 15 – 18 (High School)

 Each stage presents unique opportunities and challenges for intellectual, social, and emotional development. Recognizing the importance of these three developmental areas, the learning modules are designed to help kids grow and acquire the skills and character traits necessary to be good citizens and make the transition into adulthood.

Citizen University Curriculum Guide

Life Skills Needs Assessment

This instrument helps identify the opportunities and challenges in the mentee’s life. It also helps mentors and mentees to decide which Citizen University learning modules are most important to the needs of the young person.

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Mentor Skills Needs Assessment

This instrument helps mentors identify their developmental strengths and areas for improvement. It also helps them to begin designing a mentor skills development plan.

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Mentoring Tips & Techniques Guide

The Mentoring Tips and Techniques Guide provides effective, cutting-edge suggestions for being a great mentor. It takes advantage of everything we know about human development and pedagogy and is condensed into a practical, easy to understand “How to” methodology.

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Mentoring Skills Webinars

Monthly 30-minute webinars provide mentors with practical knowledge and skills related to topics such as:

  • The mentoring life cycle
  • Establishing trust with your mentee
  • Communicating with your mentee
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Having fun with your mentee
  • Setting ground rules and boundaries in your mentoring relationship
  • Helping your mentee to open up
  • Using the DiSC personality profile to enhance understanding and communication with your mentee
  • Understanding developmental stages in young people
  • Talking with your mentee about behavioral problems
  • Working with your mentee’s parents or guardians
  • Coaching your mentee to overcome problems and capture opportunities


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